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Educational Development Network (EDN) has been involved in the field of education since its establishment in 2005. Since its inception it has been contributing to the overall improvement of the national education system in Pakistan. Over the years it has been flourishing by taking on new challenges and opportunities in fulfilling the overarching societal goals of imparting quality education through running high quality schools, building human capital and enabling teachers to realize their potential.

You can submit an online inquiry form that will receive to our Administration and ask whatever you want from us. After Submitting inquiry we will call you shortly and will tell you about everything you want to know about .

You can use this app to know the complete information about the programs offered by the EDN, you can share such precious and important information to your fellows. You don't have to visit centers that are located far away from your hometown city, you just install this app and that's it, a facilitation center is in your hands.

Platform: Android
Made For: Educational Development Network
Developed By: EDN 360° Solutions
  • Muhammad Boota Bashir
    2 reviews

    This application is really very useful for those who want to get information about EDN and its schools and campuses in Pakistan.

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