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About Us

We are a perfect blend of Academic Gurus, Marketing Specialists, understand the franchising business to its core, Experts in implementing MIS and most of all determined to uplift the educational industry

Over the years EDN has been flourishing by taking on new challenges and opportunities in fulfilling the overarching societal goals of imparting quality education through running high quality schools, building human capital and enabling teachers to realize their potential.

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Educational Franchising

Owning 30+ franchises of different top notch educational brands including Allied schools, Aspire Colleges, Superior Group & American Lycetuff, makes EDN one of the biggest Franchise organization of region.

Asia-e-University Malaysia

EDN holds the honor of owning Franchise of Asia-e-University and Facilitation center for Lahore, offering Masters and Ph.D programs in multiple disciplines. Visit Asia-e-University

Management Information systems

EDN also offers different software products to uplift the efficiency of educational organizations including campus management systems, Payment collection solutions and Information systems.

Educational Consultancy & Trainings

Being one of the top and most prestigious organizations, EDN believes in sharing its experiences and knowledge for which we also provide consultancy for businesses working in educational industry as well as providing exclusive trainings for campus heads and staff.